Hello. My Name is Taryn Codner. I am a freshman this year at Penn┬áState. I am currently a major in Crime, Law, & Justice and Psychology. I’m glad I came to Penn State because there is so much to do here and the classes are very engaging. There are many classes I have taken that have made me think about things that I haven’t before. Another reason I’m glad I came is because I really enjoy how the classes are taught for my majors. My plan for the next three years includes learning as much as I can, and growing as an adult. After I graduate, I think I’ll catch up on all the sleep I missed in college. On a serious note, as far as a future career goes, I am not sure what I want to be yet. However, I do know that I want a career that effectively combines my majors like a profiler, or possibly an FBI agent.
I am the kind of person that has many different interests. For example, I love volleyball, reading, and writing. On the other hand, I like to go outside and take walks to clear my head and possibly come up with something to write in one of my blogs. Lastly, my favorite interest is music and listening to different kinds of it. I love how different kinds of music can evoke different emotions and feelings. For example, I listen to dancehall when I am about to go out with my friends or maybe I’ll listen to alternative when I am writing a paper. As far as disinterests go, my major one is the taste of chocolate. I’ll admit I am the biggest anti-chocolate fan.
Among the other things that I am,I am also a singer, hence the microphone. However, the microphone also represents the improvement of my communication skills since I began my journey in LA101H. LA101H is my class on rhetoric that I took this past semester.This blog was created to show different ways that I communicated my thoughts. Enjoy!