Policy Proposal

This was my favorite paper that I wrote this semester in my LA101H class. I think that was probably because it was the paper that I was the most passionate about. I knew that I had to write about the issue of racial profiling especially in light of the recent event of Trayvon Martin’s death. I felt like I had a duty to speak out for him and all the people that have been racially profiled. Through this paper, I wanted to showcase some of the same ideas I showcased in my speech. I wanted whoever reads this paper to be aware that racial profiling is a huge problem for the minorities in this country and that it frequently occurs. What’s more is that I wanted to alert people to the fact that laws are out there like the policy in Arizona that encourage this type of behavior and as a country of equality, that is unacceptable. I hope that when people read my paper, they will be inspired to create the change they want to see.
Racial Profiling


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