Rhetorical Essay

This was the first paper I had to write for my LA101H class. When I first looked at the assignment, and saw that I had to write a 4 paged paper on a barely 30 second commercial, I wondered how I was going to pull this off. This was because I hadn’t acquired my rhetorical eye as of yet. This paper required that I think long and hard and watch the Superbowl 2012 Chevy commercial over and over. Until finally, I saw rhetoric all over that commercial. I was finally able to see the inner workings of the commercial and how Chevy used its different tactics both subliminal and obvious to sell its product to its audience and to put down its rival, Ford. Anyways, I guess you could say I have this essay to thank for opening up my eyes to a very rhetorical world.
Chevy Commercial Rhetoric


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